On the first visit, Dr. Tyler Bigenho will take a thorough history followed by a focused orthopedic & neurological examination. Following the exam, Dr. Bigenho will teach his patient why they are suffering from pain, along with detailing how he will fix it.




Treatment will consist of focused, specific Chiropractic adjustments; soft tissue therapies including massage, ischemic compression, post-isometric relaxation, myofascial release, cupping & percussion therapy, and the Y Strap, if needed; rehabilitation exercises including balance & coordination training, focused muscle strengthening, and more. We also have a spinal decompression machine in the office for those who need it

Take Charge

Furthermore, a big part of our Practice is putting you back in charge of your body. Thus, Dr. Bigenho will most likely send you home with exercises/routines to complete. Dr. Bigenho can fix you, but it is ultimately up to you to make sure it doesn’t come back!

If You Received The Y Strap…

If the Y Strap was used during your Chiropractic Adjustment, there are some special precautions we would like to note. We recommend relaxing the rest of the day after the adjustment as well as avoiding any heavy lifting, high degrees of rotation, or running. Drink plenty of water and use ice as needed if you feel any soreness.