Diversified Adjustments

Dr. Bigenho uses a specific, diversified approach to his Chiropractic Adjustments. He does not perform the same adjustments every time, and it is not a “RACK AND CRACK” ordeal. He finds the specific segments that need to be released, and uses multiple Chiropractic Techniques to get the job done. This is where the term “diversified” comes in. Some Chiropractors use only one technique, but diversified Chiropractors use many different tools to get the job done.

A Diversified Chiropractic Adjustment consists of full spine manual high-velocity, low amplitude manipulation. If necessary, manipulations of your extremities (ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists) will be performed as well.

Most adjustments take between 3-5 minutes, not including any preparatory muscle work.

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Dr. Tyler Bigenho - Chiropractic Adjustment